• Municipal Applications

    For new wastewater plants, a Salsnes Filter system can completely replace conventional primary separation. For existing plants, primary solids separation can be augmented to improve plant performance and reduce overall costs.

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  • Industrial Applications

    To save costs, a Salsnes Filter system can recover both water and filtered material to be reused in the production process. Or, the system’s integrated thickening and dewatering can reduce sludge volume for disposal.

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Land Requirements

For those expanding primary or secondary capacity where land is expensive or unavailable, a Salsnes Filter system is ideal. It will typically use 1/10th the land of conventional treatment systems. The Tomasjord wastewater treatment plant in Norway would have needed 21,530 ft2 (2,000 m2) of land to install clarifiers. Instead they installed a Salsnes Filter system and only use 1,600 ft2 (150 m2) of land.

Two Clarifiers vs Eight SF:6000 Salsnes Filters: