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  • Detailed computational fluid dynamics modelling of rotating belt filters for primary wastewater treatment
  • Enhanced filtration with rotating belt filter for higher methane potential from primary wastewater sludge
  • Impact of Salsnes Filter fine mesh sieves as primary treatment on nutrient removal in membrane bioreactors
  • Impact of selective size distribution of influent suspended solids on downstream biological processes
  • Primary treatment to optimize secondary biological processes and anaerobic digestion
  • Primary wastewater treatment by Rotating Belt Filters: Energy Assessment
  • Recovering microalgae using a Salsnes Filter  
  • Rotating belt sieves for primary treatment and secondary solids separation
  • Scale up and pilot testing of a moving belt harvester: SWAT technology
  • Separation of biofilm solids from MBBRs using Salsnes Filter


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Investing in research is an important part of our business, as it enables us to continue to shape the future of rotating belt filter technology. Thank you to the funding agencies and universities who are our partners in this exciting and innovative work.