Demonstration Studies

Full-scale, Portable Systems

Curious as to what a Salsnes Filter system can do at your facility?

SF Demo Installation Unit
A SF:2000 system temporarily installed at a wastewater treatment plant in Illinois, USA

We have portable, full-scale Salsnes Filter systems for temporary installation at your location. During it’s time with you, data is collected and then reported to show the systems performance according to your treatment objectives.

To characterize the water quality, a simple and quick sieve test is performed to show the efficacy of solids removal using various sized meshes. Hydraulic loading rates on the mesh, if required, can be determined using a column test.

Upon confirming that the water quality is amenable for Salsnes Filter technology, a demonstration unit can be provided at a nominal fee.

Get a Demo Unit For Your Facility

To have a demo unit sent to you, a Design Request Form is first completed so we can fully understand your treatment objectives, process flow, design inputs and water quality.

Based on the information gathered, we will determine the technical and economic benefits of a Salsnes Filter system for your location.

For more information or to get the process started, contact us.