Salsnes Filter Process Overview

This animated video demonstrates how Salsnes Filter technology works by following solids as they move through the system.

IFAT 2018 Interview: The Future of Primary Treatment

During IFAT 2018, Tom Freyberg of PennWell stopped by the Salsnes Filter booth to speak with Stefano Salvatore, our Business Development Manager for Europe. They discussed the future of primary treatment at municipal wastewater treatment plants, the Salsnes Filter system in industrial applications and how we contribute to the circular economy.

BBC News Report - Recycling Toilet Paper

Carlijn Lahaye of CirTec, our partner in the Netherlands, speaks with BBC News about technology that can recycle the toilet paper that makes its way to wastewater treatment plants. Our Salsnes Filter system is part of the treatment process, separating cellulose fibers from the toilet paper. The final cleaned and disinfected cellulose can be used in the production of commercial products, such as building materials and asphalt.

Salsnes Filter at WEFTEC 2013

Ivar Solvi, Manager of Business Development, speaks with Alexis LaScala of Water Online at WEFTEC 2013. Ivar explains how Salsnes Filter technology offers unique benefits compared to conventional primary treatment such as sedimentation tanks or clarifiers. These benefits include: a 90% smaller footprint, higher biogas production potential, an AirKnife filtermesh cleaning system, and three critical processes - separation, thickening and dewatering –  performing in one unit.

Salsnes Filter at WEFTEC 2012

Jørn Eliassen chats with Kevin Westerling (Editor of Water Online) during WEFTEC 2012. Jørn gives an overview of Salsnes Filter technology and explains the three critical processes - solids separation, sludge thickening and sludge dewatering - that the system performs.