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Our focus has been to perfect our solids separation filter technology through research, product development, testing, and quality initiatives. This focus and dedication has produced a highly efficient and reliable filter that maximizes solids separation, while dramatically decreasing costs including capital, operating, maintenance and land.

With installations around the world and in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, the Salsnes Filter system is synonymous with eco-efficient solids separation technology.


salsnes-officeOur roots go back to 1991, when we first developed a mechanical filtration system capable of treating water for fish hatcheries in Norway. Prototype systems were also installed to treat primary municipal wastewater. However, we made our market breakthrough in 1998 when Salsnes Filter systems were able to demonstrate that treated primary wastewater could meet European and Norwegian discharge requirements.

In 2002, an important milestone was reached when our production moved to a new facility in Salsnes, Norway. At the same time, we installed successful projects in industrial wastewater treatment facilities including pulp & paper mills, food processing plants, breweries, fish hatcheries and land-based fish farms.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to responsible environmental practices throughout the manufacture of our products and during our daily business operations. 

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