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The image above depicts two SF:6000 models, in parallel configuration.

Air Knife Filtermesh Cleaning System

The Air Knife filtermesh cleaning system starts automatically when the mesh begins to rotate. It uses compressed air to clean, which has many benefits compared to scrapers, brushes or water-based cleaning systems. Air is gentler on the mesh (to elongate its life) and on particles (so they don’t break into smaller pieces). Air cleaning also keeps sludge drier for more effective dewatering.

Cogwheel and Filtermesh

The filtermesh is made of polyethylene and is very durable. he way it’s mounted and tensioned to the cogwheel is patented – it improves performance and allows the filter to handle higher flow rates and solids loadings, increasing treatment capacity in a smaller footprint.

Integrated or Stand-alone Dewatering UnitStandalone-dewatering

To save space and money, the enclosed SF systems contain an optional integrated dewatering process. Sludge drops into the collection area from the thickening process at 3 – 8 % DM and is conveyed across the unit by an auger. It can then be fed to a sludge stabilization process (e.g. direct digester feed); Or processed further through the dewatering unit to produce sludge that is 20 –30% DM (without the need for any additional dewatering equipment).

For larger installations, this unit is available to dewater sludge from multiple filters. It can apply a  higher pressure to produce even drier sludge (20 – 40% DM typical).

Hot or Cold Water Flush

A hot water or cold water high pressure flush is available to those facilities that have a high concentration of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in their wastewater. Operating only two – four times daily, this flush effectively cleans the hard- to-remove FOG from filtermesh openings.

fully-automatedFully Automated System

The CPP houses a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that makes this a completely automated system, ideal for remote or unstaffed facilities. A water pressure sensor tells the unit when to rotate the filtermesh (and at what speed), while the PLC simultaneously starts the Air Knife and sludge screw press.

quick-connectsQuick Connects

You will find only quick connects on the system for fast and easy maintenance.


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