Salsnes Filter systems are installed around the world in a variety of applications within municipal wastewater treatment plants and in challenging industrial solids separation applications. We also are pleased to offer full global service and support.

Three Processes, One Compact Unit

A Salsnes Filter system combines three critical processes into one compact unit – solids separation, sludge thickening and dewatering. The rotating filtermesh removes >50% TSS, and >20% BOD from effluent and produces drier sludge (20-30% dry matter). It’s the only filter design that can replace conventional primary treatment and fulfill the EU regulations on primary treatment.

SFK:600 model
SF:2000 model


All the Flexibility you Need

With both Enclosed and Open modular systems, unlimited design flow capacity and the option to install indoors or outdoors, a Salsnes Filter system provides all the flexibility you need.

Our SFK systems are open for concrete channel installation and can be simply installed into a concrete chamber. SF systems are free-standing and enclosed requiring only a concrete slab for installation. These units can be easily retrofitted into an existing plant or integrated into new construction.


Cost-effective, compact, high-performing, chemical-free and sustainable, the Salsnes Filter system defines eco-efficient.


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