SludgeTech 2017

IWA’s Specialist Conference on Sludge Management –  SludgeTech 2017 – was held on July 9–13, 2017 at Imperial College London. It was a great success, with many productive conversations happening in the exhibit area, and a number of very interesting technical papers presented.

Our Ashish Sahu (Product and Technology Applications Manager) presented a technical paper entitled “Enhanced Filtration with Rotating Belt Filter for Higher Methane Potential from Primary Wastewater Sludge”.

Ashish Sahu presenting at IWA's SludgeTech 2017

This scientific study shows that a higher methane potential can be obtained from the sludge of rotating belt filters (RBFs) with the addition of a small dosage of polymer (1.0 mg/L).  The cost of the polymer is minimal for the added value a utility can receive which includes higher bioenergy on cogeneration and a lower level of particulates entering downstream processes.

If you missed SludgeTech and would like a copy of Ashish’s presentation, contact us.

The Salsnes Filter team at their SludgeTech booth

The Salsnes Filter Team at SludgeTech 2017: from left, Roger Webb, Stefano Salvatore, Jon Leech.

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