Salsnes Filter System Part of Upgrade Plan to Double Plant Capacity

Salsnes Filter in collaboration with Biowater Technology has won a project to install a Salsnes Filter biowaterLogosystem along with biofilters at the Saulekilen Sewage Plant in Arendal, Norway. The upgrades will almost double plant capacity from 45000 p.e. to 80000 p.e.

The Salsnes Filter system will perform primary solids separation to reduce loadings on the downstream biological treatment process. There are future plans to utilize the sludge collected by the system to produce biogas for internal energy production.

Due to its small physical footprint, the Salsnes Filter system will fit into Saulekilen’s existing building. It will be installed on top of the biofilters so that former basins can be available for new bioreactors and clarification of biological solids by Dissolved Air Flotation.

Equipment will be installed as the Plant continues to operate and is set to be complete in April 2015.



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