Salsnes Rothera Research Station (Antarctica) WwTW

New extreme Salsnes installation in Antarctica

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Rothera Research Station is a remote facility in Antarctica which is operated by the British Antarctic survey. Incremental growth in the staffing levels at the station had led to the overloading of the existing wastewater treatment plant and, with the commencement of construction work on site, additional treatment capacity was required. By selecting the most appropriate technology and using the latest digital design and integration techniques, a packaged solution was successfully installed to meet the future needs of the research facility.

Not only was the Rothera project a valuable demonstration of cooperative and effective risk management by all stakeholders, it has also achieved the ultimate outcome of delivering a far higher standard of wastewater treatment to the site. It is now facilitating the necessary growth of a valuable research station manned by some of the world’s leading polar and climate change scientists and is reducing pollution levels in the one of the most pristine and sensitive marine environments on Earth.

Thanks to our UK/IR partner EPS and Shaun Stevens!